KSM can support you with all your tooling needs from basic preparation and termination to professional testing and hydralic crimping.

As well as the range below we can supply wire strippers, cable cutters, cable testers and other associated wire processing tooling.

Cable Preparation Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H01-12001 3 Blade Coax Stripper (RG59/RG6)
H01-12002 3 Blade Coax Stripper (RG8/RG213/L400)
H01-12003 2 Blade Coax Stripper (RG174/RG179/RG316)
H01-12004 3 Blade Coax Stripper (RG58/RG59)
H01-12009 3 Blade Universal Coax Stripper (3.5mm-5.0mm)
H01-23000 Stripper for 3-9mm Round Sheath & Flat Telephone
Coaxial Crimp Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H02-11000 L100, Mini RG59, RG174, RG179, RG316
H02-11002 L195, RG58, RG59, RG62, RG174, RG179
H02-11003 L195, RG58, RG59, RG62, RG174, RG179, RG316
H02-11004 L400, RG8, RG11, RG213
H02-11005 RG174, RG178, RG179, RG316
H02-11009 L600
H02-11011 F Type: RG6, RG59, CT100, CT125
H02-12007 F Type: RG6, RG11, CT100, CT125, CT165 (Non-ratchet)
Modular and Telecom Crimp Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H02-21009 RJ11, RJ12, RJ22, RJ45
H02-21010 RJ22 (Front Loading)
H02-21011 RJ11, RJ12 (Front Loading
H02-21012 RJ45 (Front Loading)
H02-22004 RJ11, RJ12, BT431A, BT631A (Non-ratchet)
D-Subminiature Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H02-31000 Pin & Contact Crimper for 18-30 AWG
H06-30000 Insertion/Extraction for Crimp Pin & Contact
Punchdown Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H05-01001 110 Impact Punchdown Tool
H05-01002 A Krone style 2A Wire Inserter
Terminal Crimp Tools
KSM Part NumberDescription
H02-41000 0.5mm²-6.0mm² Insulated Terminal (Red, Blue & Yellow)
H02-41001 0.5mm²-6.0mm² Uninsulated Terminal
H02-41002 0.14mm²-2.5mm² Cord End Ferrule (Bootlace)