Audio, Video & Home Automation Cables

Whether you require something for your home theatre system or a professional broadcast we can help you find the right cabling solution. The audiovisual (AV) industry expands beyond just sound speakers and video displays with increasing demand for lighting control, digital signage, home automation and internet of things (IOT) networking.

From basic stereo speaker cable to hybrid serial digital interface (SDI) composites our in depth supply chain knowledge and extensive industry experience has enabled us help and advise customers from all over the globe.

Speaker Cables

Flexible speaker cables usually in a figure of 8 construction with polarity indicators. Also available in round multicore versions.

Screened Audio Cables

High quality screened cable suitable for microphone and instrument use.

Miniature Coaxial Cables

Mini coaxial cables perfect for short distance analogue video signals where space is limited.

Home Automation Cables

KNX technology home automation and lighting control cables