Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable is used for a host of transmission line systems ranging from CCTV video to high frequency data communication.

By utilizing a precise ratio of conductor size, insulating dielectric and conductive screen, coaxial cables can be manufactured in a number of commercial types as well as for use within specialist industries such as medical, military or aerospace.

Although a versatile and valuable product range, coaxial cables do have their limitations, particularly where they may suffer from repeated flexing. Speak with one our sales team to discuss your individual requirements.

RG Coaxial Cables

Radio Guide and Military MIL-C-17 standard cables.

Low Loss Coaxial Cables

Developed for microwave, satellite and mobile phone communication masts, these cables are manufactured to ensure optimum performance.

BT Coaxial Cables

A range of telecom style cables designed to British Telecom and Ericsson TZC standards.

CT Coaxial Cables

A full range of high quality CAI approved CT style satellite cables are available from stock. We can also supply budget friendly options for less demanding applications.

URM Coaxial Cables

Uniradio Metric cables used for radio frequency transmission.