Fire Resistant Cables

Fire resistant and flame retardant may sound like similar cable qualities but there are key distinctions between the two classifications. Flame retardant cables are manufactured to resist flame propagation and produce lower levels of toxic smoke and gas. Fire resistant cables are designed specifically to maintain function and circuit integrity for a given time period under defined conditions. They are critical during a fire incident, improving the chances of escape and survival by keeping key systems active.

Fire Alarm Cables

FP200 3 core fire resistant cable

Often referred to as ‘FP200’ cables (due to the ubiquitous use of Prysmian Group’s product in the market) or ‘soft skin’ cables, these products are essential for maintaining circuit integrity for emergency building systems such as fire alarms and emergency lighting. Available in 2, 3 or 4 core and a range of conductor sizes the cables are classified as either standard or enhanced, determining the level of fire resistance that the cables offer.

Mineral Insulated Cables

2 Core Mineral Insulated Fire resistant cable

Known as ‘Pyro’, ‘Pyrotenax’ or MICC, these cables are considered to be the ultimate in performance under fire conditions. Manufactured with solid copper conductors insulated with highly compressed powdered magnesium oxide and a solid copper sheath they can continue to safely function at temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

KSM are an authorised distributor of genuine nVent Pyrotenax products. We can supply the cable in bare copper or halogen free low smoke and fume sheaths, along with a range of accessories and tooling .

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