Silicone Cables

Silicone insulated cables offer excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures and are used for internal wiring where no mechanical protection is required.

They are particularly suited for applications where the temperature range is widely variable such as in domestic appliances, lighting equipment, heating devices or furnaces.

As well as the products listed below, certified SIA and SIAF cables and other specialised versions such as glass fibre braided are available on request.

SID Silicone Cables

SID solid silicone cable

Solid conductor silicone insulated cable suitable for fixed installation within switchgear or other enclosed devices.

SIF Silicone Cables

SIF stranded silicone cable

Stranded conductor silicone insulated cable suitable for moderate flexing applications where low mechanical stress will be encountered.

SIHF Silicone Cables

SIHF multicore silicone cable

Multicore flexible conductor silicone insulated cable suitable for use as a mobile power and control connection in variable temperature environments.