Coaxial Connectors

We can offer a range of coaxial connector types in male and female, standard or reverse polarity, straight or right angle and with a number of termination options such as crimp, solder, compression or clamp.

BNC Connectors

Most commonly available in 50ohm and 75ohm versions, BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connectors are widely used with coaxial cable in radio, television and other radio-frequency or video transmission electronic equipment.

Crimp type BNC plug and socket connector

F Type Connectors

Also known as ‘satellite’ connectors due to their frequent use for satellite, cable and terrestrial television devices, the F Type connector is commonly used with RG6 style or CT-100 type coaxial cable. As the standard connector uses the bare cable conductor rather than a separate pin, it is important the correct cable is paired with the connector.

Crimp F Type connector

N Type Connectors

Named after the inventor Paul Neill of Bell Labs, N Type connectors are rugged, screw coupled, weatherproof RF connectors favoured for use in microware frequency applications. Improvements to design and manufacturing processes have meant the average connector is easily capable of handling frequencies up to 11 GHz and 1000 VRMS.

Crimp N Type male (plug) and female (jack) connector

SMA Connectors

SMA (SubMiniature version A) connectors have a 50ohm impedance and are often found in use with Wi-Fi antenna systems, mobile telephone antennas and other hand held radio systems. Reverse polarity RP-SMA connectors are commonplace in Wi-Fi equipment – initially intended to prevent consumers from using high gain antennas, they are now readily available to purchase.

Crimp SMA male and reverse polarity connector

TNC Connectors

TNC (Threaded Neill–Concelman) connectors are a 50ohm threaded version of the BNC connector which can be used at frequencies up to 11GHz. Designed to offer higher performance at microwave frequencies it is therefore more versatile in application than the BNC connector and offers a more robust connection method.

Crimp TNC plug and socket connector


We can offer a wide range of coaxial connector adaptors to convert from one type of connector to another. Want something more unusual? Why not ask us to manufacture a bespoke cable assembly to suit your needs.

An assortment of coax adaptors (BNC, TNC, SMA, NType)

Other Connectors

As well as the coaxial connector types listed above we are also able to supply a wide range of other connectors such as: FME; MCX; MMCX; SMB; SMC; Type 43; UHF and others.

An assortment of coax connectors (FME, SMB, SMC)

Connector Accessories

We stock a range of connector accessories such as strain relief boots, cable preparation and termination tooling, testers and heat shrink.

An assortment of coax boots from different manufacturers