As well as supplying off the shelf cables and components we also offer a range of additional services for the manufacture of bespoke items custom made to your requirements.

From initial concept to project realisation we have the expertise to help you plan, develop and craft your final product.

Custom Cable Assembly

We provide an extensive line of excellent quality custom assemblies and harnesses for a wide range of markets. Manufactured in our purpose built production facility, each finished cable assembly or wire harness is produced to your precise specifications and are 100% quality tested before being despatched.

Our capabilities extend to overseas manufacture for higher volume, lower cost requirements where we work with trusted global partners to fulfil demand.

Custom cable made using red category 5 cable with DB9 connector, RJ45 connector and two crimp terminals with flag labels coming from the DB9 end.

Custom Cable Manufacture

Our technical expertise and experienced position in the cabling industry has allowed us to develop a broad knowledge of cable manufacture and manufacturers. Whatever the type of cable, we can provide a bespoke solution for your needs.

A cable can be produced using existing wires or the individual components can be manufactured to specification. Different combinations of data, control, power or other types of wires can be combined to fulfil any function. Once laid up together screening, armouring and over sheathing options can be applied.

A pair of stripped cables custom made to order with different types of cores

Dyeing, Striping & Twisting

We can offer to have existing PVC insulated wires and cables coloured to your requirements. Most cables can be dyed from white though some other lighter colours can also be used.

A cable and wire striping service is also available and stripes can be added to most PVC wires in bi-colour or tri-colour configurations.

Individual wires can be twisted together as pairs, triples and quads saving time on both installation and assembly.

8 examples of two and three core power cable all dyed in different colours.

Oversheathing & Armouring

A standard cable can be oversheathed with different materials to make it suitable for use in various environments. Common options include PVC, PE, PUR and LSZH all of which can be printed with custom text.

Mechanical protection to existing cables can be provided by adding a galvanised steel single wire or braid armour. Either option is then oversheathed with your choice of outer sheath material. Protection from electrical interference can be provided by the addition of metallic screens.

Eight lengths of orange Category 6a cable custom printed with identification numbers oversheathed with black pvc.